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Powerful HMVC WordPress framework for WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Fuel is the HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) WordPress Plugin Development Framework. WordPress Fuel helps you write clean, modular code, and speed up the creation and maintenance of your WordPress plugins. Plugin development is much more fun and enjoyable. It is based on the best ideas of other PHP frameworks. Sample plugins included!

Simple, clean yet solid foundation for WordPress plugin development – Plugin development fun is guaranteed. Have a look at samples – WordPress Fuel Samples


Rapid Plugin Development

Simple, clean and solid foundation for WordPress plugin development.

OOP Plugin API

This is an OOP framework and everything is built using PHP5.

Easy to configure

It requires nearly zero configuration.

Masterpage Layouts

It supports layouts with nested views.

Auto Loading

Loads PHP files on demand where needed

Clean Package

Very well commented code and easy to understand what is happening.

Extremely Well Documented

See documentation here

Sample plugins & Structure

Simple Contact form, Pre-built Plugin skeleton

  • Separates Business, Application and presentation logic.
  • OOP Plugin API
  • Hassle free PHP class loader
  • HMVC requests
  • Loosely coupled architecture
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Masterpage Layouts with nested views
  • Clean and maintainable WordPress Plugin development
  • Handles AJAX requests
  • Ability to add permalinks (rewrite) rules.
  • Handles WP shortcodes using one callback.
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Based on ideas of other top PHP5 frameworks

Plugins developed using WordPress Fuel

WordPress Testimonials Manager /strong>
WordPress Testimonials Manager - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

WPEventsPlus – Events Bookings & Calendar
(H)MVC Plugin Development Framework for WordPress - 5

Why WordPress Fuel?

  • Organized code: WordPress Fuel has OOP plugin abstraction layer that uses WordPress features.
  • Namespacing: No need to explictly define function prefixes as everything is handled with a WordPress Fuel Plugin handler.
  • Modularity: Allows you to write modular plugins.
  • Plugin Layers: Ease of separation, separates the front-end and back-end logic.
  • Coupling: Facilitates communication between plugins keeping the loose coupling.
  • Spaghetti code: Avoids spaghetti code. Spaghetti code is difficult to follow.


What’s included

  • WordPress Fuel Framework
  • Demo Plugins


Have questions? Want to discuss the possible implementations? Contact via profile.


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