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Multilingual WordPress Made Easy

Translating a WordPress website should not be complicated, it should be easy. Our new multilingual WordPress Plugin helps you to translate your site into different languages.

!! You need a WordPress Multisite in order to use our plugin !!
Read more if you do not know what a WP Multisite is.

  • Simply manage WP Translations
  • Connect Posts & Terms
  • Country Selector Dropdown & Page
  • Automatic Language Redirect
  • Automatic / Machine Translation via Google, Microsoft or DeepL
  • Synchronize Post / Product data (e.g. stock, post title) and metas
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Assign Translators (custom user role)
  • Copy Posts or Terms to other languages
  • Copy complete blog to a new site
  • Im- or Export posts via JSON (e.g. for external translations)
  • one Media Database for your complete network

Plugin Features

WP Multilingual Features


  • Redux Framework
  • Multisite Environment


  • WordPress 3.8+
  • PHP 5.6+


- NEW:    Sync create will now also create meta data 
        -> Create a product in one site, it will be created with all meta data in all enabled subsites
- NEW:    Term sync including creation + parent term creation & assignments (UNIQUE)
- NEW:    Copy posts will create parent terms
- NEW:    Improved Sync admin panel
- NEW:    Post copier issues
- NEW:    Added shortcode label parameter for machine translation
- FIX:    Machine translation now removes all non utf8 chars
- FIX:    Google Translate malformed JSON

- NEW:    Increased max flags to 14 and show on terms also
- NEW:    Image copier using file name now
- NEW:    Select2 field for post / page selection
- FIX:    Linked posts show draft, trash etc.
- FIX:    Deleting a site now also deleted the UNIQUE INDEX from table (avoid 64 max index)

- NEW:    Limited the view of flags in post overviews to 10
- FIX:    Show flags / linked posts on excluded sites

- NEW:    Machine Translation Data Segmentation
        -> Support for HTML inside HTML tags e.g. links, bold, strong texts
        -> Support for shortcodes variables "text", "heading" and "tooltip" 
- FIX:    Cleaned / shortend the languages
- FIX:    Country selector dropdown not working on some themes

- FIX:    Options panel broken

- NEW:    Theme mods now also supported
- NEW:    Switched wp_set_post_terms to wp_set_object_terms for custom post type taxonomy support
- NEW:    Added info window in general settings to show where to find site settings
- NEW:    Moved default source language to machine translation settings
- NEW:    Added examples in general settings for alternate & local settings
- FIX:    Override blog settings not working
- FIX:    Added is_wp_error check for image upload

- NEW:    Image debug in advanced settings. Enable this when product images do not get copied over
- NEW:    When copying posts and terms do not exists they will be created an linked automatically
- NEW:    It is now possible to copy the MAIN blog (id 1)

- NEW:    Remove white spaces from API keys to avoid errors
- FIX:    Categories for blog id 1 not translated correctly
- FIX:    Switched table creation to utf8_general_ci to support older databases
- FIX:    PHP Notice

- FIX:    Machine Translation Gutenberg support (changed button with a checkbox)
- FIX:    Shop page URL not connected correctly
- FIX:    php notice check variable

- FIX:    Copy blog / site performance
- FIX:    Copy site not matched post / term translations
- FIX:    Machine translation enabled

- NEW:    User Sync, Create / Delete Posts on Sync, Images gets copied
        Settings: https://imgur.com/a/l1DQE5H
- NEW:    User Sync (new registered users can be added to all blogs)
- NEW:    Delete or Trash connected posts on Sync
- NEW:    Sync all post Data / All post Meta fields instead of defining each separately
- NEW:    Copy posts also now copies the feature image + product gallery images
- FIX:    Redirect to default site also for backend
- FIX:    Sorting no longer possible in backend
- FIX:    Error message when terms edited and enter pressed

- NEW:    Auto redirection to best language
- NEW:    Copy complete blog functionality
- FIX:    Source blog not available
- FIX:    Posts not showing in dropdown

- Inital release

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