2008 Red Star – Veritas Vineyard & Winery – Afton,VA

2008 Red Star – Veritas Vineyard & Winery – Afton,VA


This is the first video review on the site and I hope you all enjoy it. There are a few parts I stumbled on a bit, but hey like I said it’s the first (I’m allowed a few first mistakes right). And for those of you who prefer our standard written reviews just keep on reading below.

Veritas is by far one of my favourite vineyards out there today, so I always like having a bottle from them around the house. Nowadays that bottle is typically a Red Star since it’s a beautiful wine for having on a hot summer days like today. When you open up the bottle you are hit with some lovely aromas right away. These are mostly fruits such as cherry and raspberry, but you also get a few other fruits I can’t quite put my finger on. Besides that you also get a little floral hint to this wine with what I think may be violet. As for the taste you are instantly brought back to those, especially the Cherry, but this time you also get a good hint of red currant. Besides that you get a very light spiciness to this wine as well as a nice light jammy texture, which is very refreshing. Over all this is a nice light bodied wine with a decent finish, though is a bit short for me. As for food, I know this goes great with burgers and grilled chicken. Though this wine would go pretty well with any light red meat as well as game birds. If you like Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin or Merlot I think you will enjoy this wine and with the price point why not give it try.

If you would like to purchase this wine you can get it direct from the vineyard. Remember to make sure they can ship to your state.


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