Product Spotlight: Hot Box Tile Vaporizer

Introducing the Hot Box Vaporizer, a revolutionary multipurpose inhalation device to designed to enhance your herbal vaporizing experience.

Through it’s innovative design the Hot Box is a simple and effective and healthier alternative to conventional methods.

Hot Box Vaporizers are available in a variety of designs and colors the patented stone and tile construction & highly engineered ceramic nichrome heating element.

Which allows the Hot Box Vaporizer to heat-up and sustain its optimal temperature more efficiently.
Hot Box Vaporizer Usage
The Hot Box Vaporizer is used with hands free glass vapor whips, or vapor wands as the manufacturer named them.

This means that you would use the Hot Box Vaporizer with a glass vapor whip held to the heating element while you enjoyed your refreshing vaporizer inhalation.

Hot Box Vaporizer Style Variety
The Hot Box Vaporizer is currently offered in the following colors, Ebony Mother, All Rise Scarlet, and Cobalt Blue.

The Hot Box Vaporizers are also available in a variety of stone configurations. These stone Hot Box Vaporizers come in onyx, marble and a plethora of other precious stones.
Hot Box Vaporizer Warranty Information
With an iron clad 1 year no hassle warranty on the Hot Box Vaporizer. You can be assured that your getting yourself a quality flavor enhancing vaporizer made and tested with the love one would expect in order to achieve this kind of product.

If you experienced a problem outside of the 1 year warranty, then you would be able to have your unit refurbished for a nominal charge.
Hot Box Vaporizer Custom Artwork
On special order the Hot Box Vaporizer is available with your own custom artwork. Ever thought of having your name or picture or favorite star put on your favorite devices?

It’s absolutely possible if you can dream we can have it put on the side of your Hot Box Vaporizer.

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