Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower – special screening on YouTube

Fresh from its wild success at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and a very popular run at Hyde Park Theatre last October, Maggie Gallant’s hilarious, endlessly surprising “Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower” will have a special one-time screening on YouTube on April 11th at 8:00CT

In their five-star review the CBC said, “As a performer, Gallant sparkles like the Eiffel Tower’s light show. She’s energy and presence personified; warm and quick-witted and completely present. Love for life—and for Freddie Mercury—radiates off of her.” The Winnipeg Free Press called it “captivating. full of twists and turns.” In a second review “festival favorites” review, the CBC said “Hot Dogs at the Eiffel Tower is superb storytelling, but with a vibrancy and positivity that will brighten anyone’s day, like a long cold drink on a hot Fringe afternoon.”

What kind of parent KNITS their daughter a wool swimsuit? Or gives her a briefcase for her 11th birthday? Or keeps her in the dark about where she came from? British actor and comedian Maggie Gallant shares her childhood embarrassments and adulthood discoveries as she unleashes a Pandora’s Box of hope, lies, and un très magnifique French Papa!

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