Hot Mess Express 42

Welcome back to BYT’s Hot Mess Express. This week, we have Lindsay Lohan’s triumphant return from rehab. Now, I knew Lindsay would make it back on to the countdown after her rehab release but who knew it would be for something somewhat positive. LiLo took the reigns as host of Chelsea Lately and did a pretty great job. Kudos Linds.

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Next up, we have Adrienne Bailon. Now, I know what you all at home are saying… who? She’s know for being a Cheetah Girl and having a huge trampstamp of a Rob Kardashian’s name. So, who is she to judge the legendary QUEEN Britney Spears? This is just another example of a lesser “star” using a real star’s name in conversation to get press for the show, I have yet to hear of until now, The Real… More like the thirst is REAL.

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Lastly, we have Tara Reid, being… Tara Reid. Catch you next time, folks.

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