How To Achieve A Five Star Fiverr Ranking

Getting a 5 Star ratings for your Fiverr ranking is the key to becoming a Top Rated Seller and, acquiring, consequently, more customers. This video from offers some tips on how to get a 5 star rating.
A Fiverr ranking has 4 categories:

New Seller

Level 1 Seller How To Achieve A 5 Star Fiverr Ranking
Pro League Seller

Top Rated Seller

To have a To Rated Seller Fiverr ranking you will need 5 stars. You can achieve this rank by providing quality work, over-delivering on your gigs and developing good relations with your customers.

The key to providing good quality work is to provide your customer with what they like and want, not what you think they should like and want. You can accomplish this by providing samples for them to approve before submitting a final version. Don’t get caught in a ‘I’m only getting $5’ mindset. Always focus on the best interests of the customer.

Don’t deliver if you aren’t satisfied with the work. By constantly working in the best interests of the customer you will build a more lasting relationship and they are likely to return to you repeatedly.

By over-delivering (promising 2 samples, but delivering 3) you will be generating appreciation and loyalty. This kind of service will be valued even by the most difficult of customers.

Try to communicate with your customers by name and choose your words carefully in your back and forth exchanges. Intentionally or unintentionally, you don’t want to suggest that you are losing patience or your customer lacks taste or discernment. Additionally, keep a close eye on your inbox and always try to respond promptly to any questions or comments.

In sum, building lasting relationships with your customers is a key to a 5 Star Fiverr ranking and building a successful business on Fiverr. By providing quality work, over-delivering on your gigs and being sensitive to the needs and questions of your customers, you will continue to thrive on the Fiverr platform.

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