Island Fire is Hot Like Starfire (Organic Super Foods)

When talking about the raw organic superfood Island Fire, I am reminded of a lot of the comic book superheroes while I was growing up. Of course, they are all related to fire and there are a lot of comic book characters who have superpowers that are related to fire. There is the more famous of them which the Human Torch. Then there is DC’s Firestorm and other Marvel comic character Sunfire. But a character that may stand out among those three is Starfire. What makes her different?
The thing that is different about Starfire is that among the three, she is the only woman. Starfire was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez under DC comics. Starfire’s powers were absorbing ultraviolet radiation and converting it to energy so she could fly. She could also channel and project that same energy into destructive blast which were called” star bolts.” She could also release a tremendous amount of stored energy that would become a powerful omni-directional explosive burst. Starfire is one powerful hot woman, don’t you think so?
But of course Starfire is not real. One thing that is real though and could make woman stronger and hotter too is the raw organic superfood Island Fire. Island Fire is an all new live enzyme tonic elixir that has potent ingredients.
Island Fire is a combination of Tahitian Noni, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne, Ginger, Hawaiian Turmeric and Trace Minerals. Island Fire can rejuvenate, detoxify, give superior energy, give a good mood and an amazing fiery health.
Island Fire is the hottest raw organic superfood. Don’t you think so?

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