LIGHTSPEED // Joel Henriques // Star Wars Inspired

In my excitement about the new Star Wars film, I got the bug to re-record this Star Wars inspired funk rap I wrote 20 years ago.

Here’s a quick music video I created with the help of some drawings from my 8 year old son. (I animated png files in Apple Keynote if you’re curious. Also the footage was shot on my iPhone and processed using the Spark app.)

You can download the mp3 for free here:
Or find it on iTunes Music Store:

// Lightspeed Lyrics //

Work time, working in the sunshine
It’s hot, been a really long time
can’t wait, wait to get off the sand
can’t leave, it’s not Uncle Owen’s plan

But then, Stormtroopers came down
and wiped out everything that’s around
All the trouble’s going down
now Luke, Obi-Wan, and the droids split town

Head over to the bar, try to find a ship
Han Solo and the Wookie it’s time to rip
bust out the door and hit the strip
lightspeed, better tighten your grip

Heading out to the Alderaan explore
They didn’t know that there was a big uproar
The Empire blew it up and it’s no more
Now it’s fly’n around in rocks galore

uh uh, oooooh…..

Now it’s time, time for Luke to learn the force
Obi-Wan gets him started on the course
Luke starts to catch on and Obi-Wan’s mouth curled
You’re step’n into a larger world

I cannot believe this
I’d love to see this

The Empire’s working on a bad plan
They’re get’n tired, tired of being overran
but now Luke, Han Solo, and the wookie can
bust in and give Leia a hand

Darth Vader’s looking out for Obi-Wan
but the good side cannot be outdone
it lives on through the force and is the one
that holds out till the end to overrun

Now the crew can escape from the Death Star
they didn’t know if they’re gonna get to go far
but they do, and the plans on attack are
to come down and light it up like a solar

They’ve got to take their run and make it inside
but it’s a long shot, and there’s fighters on the glide
someone shot to the hole, but it went wide
then Luke used the force and hit it broadside

uh uh, oooooh…..

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