Meet Our Line-Up Of ALL-STAR Products! – At the Thompson Mug Company, we believe there is more to America’s favorite pastime than strikes, balls, hits, and the scoreboard. It’s about the smell of hot dogs and popcorn, the thrill of catching a foul ball, the roar of the crowd after a walk off home run… and OF COURSE the first sip of a frosty beer on a hot Summer afternoon! Our products tell that story.

We went to the drawing board in hopes of creating something as special as the game itself. What we came up with, was the Dugout Mug™ Baseball Bat Barrel Drinking Mug, and the Wined Up Baseball Bat Wine Goblet!

Our line of products capture the essence of the ball field like never before. Made from the highest quality North American Birch wood, our mugs are unique, durable, and practical!

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