Star Wars Snowboarding : Ffej Solo : Leia Bird : Luke Trailer

Ffej Knar as “Ffej Solo”, Mariko Bird as “Leia Bird”, and Trailer Tom as “Luke Trailer” star in this Star Wars Theme snowboard video.

I got the call from Ffej about 10:00 am that a 3rd driver was needed for snowboard laps at loveland pass. I said ” yeah, I will go,”

I met Ffej and Mariko in Silverthorne and we agreed upon a Star Wars theme snowboard day.

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I had a han solo, luke skywalker, and darth vader costume, and Mariko went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got some Hot Buns and a white Bath Robe to play the part of Princess Leia.

We took a couple warm up runs, with my wookie go pole (go pro on a stick), and then it was time to test the new drone that Trailer Tom got for his birthday to film some snowboarding.

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Ffej Solo hiked up to drop a cornice as Leia Bird and Luke Trailer used the drone to fly up and get some pigeon eye view footage.

Ffej Solo had the idea to ride the gully and pretend it was the infamous trench to blow up the death star. Luke Trailer is chased by Darth Vader down the trench.

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Liea Bird slings a lazier blaster while she is snowboarding in the powder, just before she says “I love you” to Ffej Solo who replies “I know”

May The Force be With You

Trailer Tom, Ffej Knar and Mariko Bird snowboard at loveland pass in honor of the release of the new star wars episode VII movies.

Trailer Tom

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