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Managing Test Stress by UNCP’s Center for Student Success
Does test stress keep you from excelling in your classes?
Here are some tips for ditching the stress so you can perform at your best.
First, stop. Take a deep breath or three. Things are not as bad as they seem, and they are about to get better.
Next, recognize where you are right now.
Here’s how you can do that.
What is your body physically feeling?
is it hot or cold?
And what do you hear? What sounds are happening right now?
Is the air clear?
Start with your toes and think about your muscles inch by inch to the top of your head.
Are they tense?
Are you relaxed?
Take a deep breath in. Close your eyes if it helps.
And as you breath out, breath out the tension.
Do this several times and feel the tension in your muscles leave your body as you breath.
You’re doing great and you’re ready to move ahead.
This is just one task, one test.
Your world and your life is much bigger and broader.
Think about how you’ve prepared for this and take a few moments…
and breath.
Now begin.
This test doesn’t define who you are or how successful you will be.
Worrying about what could happen or what might have been won’t add to your knowledge or ability.
You know what you know. You can do what you can do, and that will be enough.
And when you feel the stress creep back in, just take a moment…
… breath… and relax.
Then return to the task.
For more tips on managing stress and enjoying your education, come see us at the Center for Student Success.
We offer group and individual appointments, in person or over the phone.
Stop in or give us a call.
We’re on campus in Wellon’s Hall, second floor, suite M.
Or you can reach us by phone at 910.775.4632.

… take a few moments…
… and breath …

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