Vigilant Class Star Destroyer

Vigilant-Class Star Destroyer

The newest and smallest line of Star Destroyers in the First Order’s arsenal, the Vigilant class puts emphasis on speed, maneuverability and defensive capabilities to combat the massive threat posed by enemy starfighters and bombers.

Usually tasked as sector patrollers or convoy escorts, they are only armed with short range main offensive batteries, but for long range and heavily-shielded engagements the Vigilant class is equipped with a centerline superlaser (derived from the Eclipse dreadnaught which never left the drawing boards). Firing the laser drains the ship’s power cores, so usage is strictly for emergency or low-threat scenarios.

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Defensive capabilites include advanced shield arrays, a departure from previous vulnerable shield generators; dedicated long range anti-starfighter armament, and signal-jamming equipment to hinder enemy coordinated attacks.

Three main hangars house 3 full TIE fighter squadrons – 2 offensive (TIE/fo), 1 defensive (TIE/sf); and 1 bomber squadron.

Since the Vigilant class is incapable of launching ground assaults, only one division of stormtroopers are stationed per ship to combat potential enemy boarding parties.


Because of its relatively small size (slightly smaller than the Empire’s Imperial II-class), speed, defenses, and maneuverability, it is widely favored for convoy escort duty than the lumbering giants of the Resurgence-class, especially in starfighter ‘hot-zones’. In a battle fleet setting, Vigilant-class destroyers are mainly tasked as the first line of defense, acting as the screen against enemy fighters and bombers to protect the larger, more important fleet units.

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